Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father which is in heaven is perfect.
- Yeshua

Who We Are

Temple of Perfection (T.O.P) divinely offers light, hope and direction to all who seek to be at peace in mind, body and soul. While also attaining to be one again with the Divine Creator. We empower you to see your greatness and own it.

Our Approach

About Our Founder

Growing up Rev. Tonya Keatz EL was raised in a Christian home. As a child Tonya loved studying the Bible, espcially the Old Testament and would often play church with her nieces and nephews. Tonya has always had a fascination with culture, diversity and spirituality. This placed a desire within her to know the truth about God and to find God outside of church walls. That thirst led Tonya to study and/or practice several religions and spiritual paths. Including Islam, Hebraic, Dao, Hinduism, Ancient African and etc. By studying and/or practicing various religions, she grew a deeper appreciation, respect and love for humanity.

Tonya was blessed to found Temple of Perfection, LLC in 2011. With the intention of offering light, hope and direction to those souls that seek to be at peace in mind, body and soul. She was ordained in 2013 as a Minister with Christ’s Central Chapel in Decatur, Georgia under the leadership of Archbishop’s Dolores EL and Ralph EL.

As a minister she aspires to meet each person where they are in their life. Not being deterred and separated due to differences in religion, thought, views and other biases but connected by faith in the Divine Creator of all that is.
Through her various religious studies and practices Tonya learned that what divides people is EGO (Edging God Out). Because Truth is One and we are all spirits and not the physical body. So only in ones heart can one see God.

Tonya is a loving mother and grandmother. She is an author of 3 books (Heal Beyond the Pain of Your Past: Tamar, How to Love When It’s Easier to Hate and Awaken Love: Heal from Hate and Emotional Wounds On Your Soul).


— Light for the soul

We shine the Light of God (Divine Creator). Allowing God to use us. God is Love and God is all we choose to be.


— Hope for the mind

We offer empowerment. Because when one works their faith, they can persevere and overcome anything.


— Direction for the body

We offer natural wholistic products and services to assist with health.

our programs