You are only as imperfect as you think you are.

Greetings BeLoved. Did you take time out of your day to go within and acknowledge Divine Creator? No matter what your religious practice or faith is…WORK IT!

Amen prayer connection

Prayer is communication with Divine Creator. Sometimes we can become overwhelmed and need to connect with others for strength. That is the purpose of our Temple of Perfection Amen Prayer Connection.

Amen is a word used in various languages and faiths, usually at the close of prayer. It is an affirmation and seal. It is saying “So be it”. That is my wish for you. Know that all is well, no matter what it looks like. Affirm with me “All is well. Amen”

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the t.o.p mission

No matter how many bruises, cracks, or wounds you physically or emotionally have experienced. Your soul is perfect and whole.

T.O.P is here to remind you of just how perfect you are in this imperfectly perfect world.

remember who you are

You are older than the pyramids in Giza. You are older than the religion you practice. You were present when Divine Creator spoke this world into existence. It is up to you to remember the perfect being you are. It is my duty and purpose to help you remember.
Rev. Tonya EL
Founder of T.O.P

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Temple of Perfection

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