You are only as imperfect as you think you are. -Tonya EL

Who We Are

Temple of Perfection (T.O.P) is on a mission to help humanity find their way back home.
T.O.P is a divine ministry. Offering light, hope and direction to all who seek to be at peace in mind, body and soul. While also attaining to be one again with the Divine Creator.

No matter what name we may call the Divine Creator, there are several paths to get back home. One thing each of those paths have in common is they are narrow. Which means, it takes discipline.

What We Do


— We Encourage

We each are made in the image of our Divine Creator, therefore we are perfect. T.O.P is here to remind you of that.


— We Build

Join our T.O.P Network. Where we unite as a collective to heal and transform lives. Beginning with self.


— We Strengthen

Our main focus is on building up all of humanity. Because, everyone deserves to be pushed towards their purpose.


— We Educate

We offer classes on the fundamental and esoteric teachings of religions. As well as classes on self-improvement.


— We Serve

As a ministry we provide clergy and chaplain services. Including officiating weddings, ascension rites, and more.


— We Consult

We provide interfaith spiritual consultations. Whatever your religion or faith we are here for you.

remember who you are

You are older than the pyramids in Giza. You are older than the religion you practice. You were present when Divine Creator spoke this world into existence. It is up to you to remember who you are. It is my duty and purpose to help you remember.
Rev. Tonya EL
Founder of T.O.P

our programs